Geometric Non-Proof

So I don’t know how many people have ever dealt with a love triangle. But I think it’s the worst shape love can take. First of all, there is the tugging. One side of the triangle (let’s say hypothetically, me) gets tugged at because the other two sides weep at the thought of each other, and are only linked by a point of reference (them knowing you) and you (the third side). You meanwhile are very happy that there are two other lines out in the world that care to share a triangle with you, but wish your relationships were instead a set of parallel lines, or even just random independent points in space (the glory days when life was less complicated). Or even some squiggles for a little excitement! It’s those damn triangles. They are out of control. They lead to incidents such as the ones I will now relate:

1) Your ex staying at your house, and expecting you to nurse him back to emotional health after communicating to him that it is really over. This paradox involves telling said ex it will all be ok when you are the one causing the pain. A sword in one hand, a bandage in the other…

2) Your long-distance commitment putting you on a visiting schedule to ensure high fidelity. This involves you telling him that you are being faithful, but your ex is just staying at your house indefinitely and you cannot afford to take care of two people at once.

3) Hair loss, fatigue, dry mouth.

This triangle is acute on their parts and obtuse on mine, and any attempt at isoceles would rip it apart at the seams. But it was never really together, was it? House of cards. A chuckle eventually, a heavy sigh for now. Hopefully all around. Turn it around. Upside down. Shake it to see what’s inside. This triangle has a laugh in it somewhere. Drama should be a parttime job, at best.

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