Cheesy Cattiness

Oh me oh my. The day is escaping me without a post. Well, I think I will wax briefly about body image. I have a hard time not being jealous of my more genetically-blessed female peers. In fact, often I will stare without hesitation at those who I find most pleasing on the eye. But I will leer half out of appreciation and half out of outright jealousy. In no small measure do I consider jealousy a useless state of being. However, despite my feelings, I do engage in it more than I would like. Not that I should overlook the strengths that I myself possess, but after years of pinching and scrunching my face in the mirror in dislike, I have a hard time realizing that my strengths are ever worthy of anyone’s attention. Yet, I do not even mind not being of supermodel status. The perils of celebrity and flawlessness come with their own bag of ills. Still, more often than not, once I rationalize myself out of heroine-worship of yet another goddess creature, another pops up in her place. The world is, to my dismay, seemingly in no short supply of striking women. But then again, they all have to duke it out on their own level. I will eat my cheetos and enjoy the show.
photo courtesy of Cogeco Cable

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