Phone-y Business, on a Cellular Level

Isn’t it mildly amusing how when someone’s on the phone and you’re in the vicinity, sometimes they include your presence in their conversation? Or they make phone faces at you?

For instance, if someone’s on the phone with their friend on the subway train and they’re saying something like “Ohhhhhhh shit” and then they’re telling their friend “Haha, everyone on the train thinks I’m crazy” and I look around and no one seems to even notice the presence of the whole conversation. Then i think “Liar.”

photo courtesy of Ergocise

Or there’s the instances where someone’s on the phone and they’re making I’m dying of boredom faces at you. I realize that when I’m the one making the faces, I get so wrapped up in “playing the bit” of the sinfully bored one to some impartial spectator that I forget about my phone conversation, and the person on the other end is always saying “Hello? Hello?” and meanwhile I’m rolling my eyes and busy mouthing “Whyyyy do theeeey keeeep talkkking?” The sad part is sometimes I do this when I’m all by myself. To my mirror. Wait! It’s not sad. I mean, quite possibly in a realistic sense it is, but as to the state of affairs that constitute my life, it is, how do you say, ah yes, zee norm.

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