And the Award Goes to…

ME. for my professionalism.

i am getting rather relaxed at work.

i showed up late every single day for the past week.

my lunches have been ranging liberally between anywhere from 10 minutes (giving me the appearance of a workaholic…it’s usually so i can finish my goofing off) to 60 minutes (this is about double what my boss takes),

and i have stopped using my “indoor” voice long ago,

i make side comments about everybody to anybody who will listen (this is mostly the influence of my coworker’s religious following…he’s a judgmentalist),

i make after-work plans and arrange them and rearrange them for generous blocks of my day,

my ‘extremely visible to anyone’ computer screen is at any given time on planworld, gmail, or some ludicrous amusing photo/comic/website,

and i have put more thought into this plan than into any work i did today.

often i am so juiced up on coffee that instead of productive i hit jittery and antsy and set off the ADD-child simulation program installed in my brain and i tap my feet ridiculous amounts of times and i consider throwing my phone across the room just to see what people will do.

perhaps the crowning point of my realization was when i literally reached into my shirt today and scratched my right boob.

mmmmmm. i’m so very glad i don’t have a 3-month evaluation.

more like i’m leaving no matter what.

ahahahahaha. oh internships, you silly floozies.
despite the “time commitment and emotional investment” involved.
you know this can never get serious!

fear of hard work? run baby run.
photo courtesy of CAMP

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