Straight Up Blues

since i have a blog upon which to release emotions, i will be sad on this post. and happy in person. call it a dualistic personality, moodswings, multiple personalities, bipolarosity, or general basketcaseishness.

in any case, sad sad sad sad sad.

surrounding me, encompassing me, swallowing me. SADda saddda saddddddda. duhduhduh babuh buh puffpuh. yesterday i spun around my room in circles until i fell over. and i played sad sad music and let sad encompass my very being.
and i totally was a sadass badass. earthquakes. hurricanes. tsunamis. bombing. there was plenty to fuel the ashes.

sad doesn’t burn like flames.

sad smolders like coals.

hole. come here. so that i may hide in you.
blanket. come here. so that i may crawl under you.
cookie. come here. so that i may munch up your warmness.
joke. come here. so that i may laugh through you.
friend. come here. so that i may hug your touch.
skittle. come here. so that i may taste the rainbow.
seriousness. go away. sad. go away. mulling. go away.
boobah. come here. so that i may multiply your nonsense.

empty sad sad empty.

sad sad sad sad sad sad.

what do famous people say about sad?

Wizard of Oz – Hearts will never be practical until they are made

Nathan Lane – I am not a sad clown. I am not a sad clown.

Arthur Koestler – Nothing is more sad than the death of an illusion.

Cindy Margolis – I’m really sad that as far as the Olympics, women’s boxing
still hasn’t been allowed.

pictures? sad. let’s go.





ok. overindulgence of sentiments and CUT. that’s a wrap!

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