Optimum Crunk

man. sometimes i go out with a friend and i’m like *damn! this girl is KWAZY!* but then yesterday, i was one of THOSE girls. i went to my boss’s holiday party and she warned us that all the people there (it was co-thrown by her and her former stickuptheass college roommate) would be very put-together and with it and proper and chic, blah blah. i wasn’t even tipsy but i went there. and immediately, fellow intern chick and i (other interns were too busy schmoozing with a wall) started dancing all crazy around the room amongst visible eyerolls and pursed butthole lips. we were the only ones dancing, running around the room holding spoons of cupcake frosting, singing, jabbering, laughing like hos and attempting stupidass convos with people i didn’t care about impressing. and for some reason, we completely fed off the disdain. the more they raised their eyebrows at us, the more we became wildly flamboyant hippies attuning ourselves to the rhythm of our own inner drunks. oh it was glorious. my behavior was unprecedented in that group, i daresay. later we found out that my boss’s old roommate said “are THOSE your interns?” nodding towards us…my boss says, “yes. yes they are”…skank THEN says “i can tell.” tis the season to be inappropriate. and love it.

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