One Little, Two Little, Three Little Peewees…

OH MY GOOODNESS. these tiny tiny squirmy wiggly kiddies from this inner city child care center just came to our office and we helped them decorate cookies and play “pin the nose on the snowman”, and read stories to them and then we gifted them many prezzies with the help of this guy in advertising who dressed up as santy claus. i am so thoroughly cuted out. they wanted more frosting on their cookies, more sprinkles, more colored goldfish crackers, more stickers (they put stickers all over my boss’s face to help her achieve maximum pretty potential), more giggles and hugs and presents!

favorite moments:

little girl with a HOT 99.5 (radio station) fake tattoo on her hand.
me: aren’t you a little young to have a tattoo?
girl: yesssssss.
me: then why do you have it?
girl: *giving me the ‘well aren’t you just the stupidest thing ever’ face*
because i like tattoos.

little boy leaning over and giving me a big hug, and burying his face in my
boy: heeeey, your hair is…
me: what? what is my hair?
boy: not stank!

there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, tomorrow’s pioneers and

don’t get me started on the little girl who ran and hid under a table when they tried to give her a present. and then another little boy intervened and went under the table with her present to give it to her. except he sort of threw it at her. yeah. just casually chucked the thing over towards her cowering torso. then she growled and lunged at him. precious little buggers.
all of them.

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