Do you copy that, Roger? Roger? Are you ok?

man, you know who copy editors are? i didn’t know this before so go home if i’m boring you.

they are people who edit copy for newspapers and magazines I.E., they check all the spelling and grammer and make sure the factcheckers didn’t screw up any shit, and everything reads right.

they are really the most awkward and anal people on earth. they work alone in the half-light.

the idea of a spliced comma makes them break out in hives.

the idea of a dangling modifier makes them physically sick.

any allusions to incorrect spelling and they might be at your throat.

they will shit themselves silly over a preposition ending a sentence and just might have a heart attack if you unfixed any of their changes.

they are the most interesting breed of human being i’ve ever encountered. they are pretty much the only absolutely literally crazy people i know who are respected and valued members of society.

oh yeah, and if you joke with them about improper grammer, they will slap you.

they stay up until the wee hours of the morning checking and rechecking everything that has been deemed ‘good to go.’

so basically, if some mistake got by them and ended up in the publication, their heads will start spinning and thereafter explode.

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