Lifestyles of the Successfully Zombie-fied

um. ok so my cousin and his family just moved to our area because he got a job here. anyway, his wife and him go to these meetings every week for this secret society as far as i can tell. the meetings are always in hotel conference rooms, and he really wants me to come to one with him saying they are totally “awesome” and “life-changing.” it sounds kind of
cultish and scary, but they’re really into them. anyway, i finally agreed to come to one with him, and then bailed yesterday saying i have something else because i’m sort of mad skeptical and hesitant. so then i emailed him postponing and asking him to let me know more about what this is all about before i commit. i just got this email. and the first word that came to my mind was: BRAINWASHED. auuhghghghghhhh it’s downright fah-reeky.

Hi Aparna,

In simple plain words…

Its about making a Happy, Successful & Secure Lifestyle for yourself…..and
helping others to achieve the same…throughout the World.

Its one person at a time..

Its the best out there..Its the best learning of the best by
only people highly successful in life.

Check it out yourself…if it makes sense..its okay..if it doesn’t, no big


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