New Year, Same Old

HAPPY 2006, my little teletubbies!

so i was just talking to my friend about introvert and extrovert mode, and i realized i’ve gotten better at flipping the switch between the two.

like just to avoid the awkwardness (not that i don’t love me some awkward), i’ll become a super extrovert just to prevent one extended second of silence with someone.

and usually if it’s someone high on the totem pole to impress (like a crush), you might end up doing the exact opposite of what you had hoped because you’re so out of sorts or if it’s someone on the low end of the totem pole (someone who is so annoying you hope you’ll repel them with your lack of graces) then you end up wildly exceeding your own expectations in terms of witty retorts and quick snappy comebacks.

anyway, i’m going somewhere with this. it’s not spectacular but judge me at the end, not in the middle.

mah point is. i was on the subway train. when to my dismay, i see a girl from my office. and we’re friendly. we’ve gone out together with some other coworkers.

so i ask her the mandatory ‘what are you doing for new years?’ questions. she asks me. we chuckle and grimace alternately at the other’s stories. then she pauses. and i realize i must keep talking. i can’t stop.

i can’t allow for silence. it happened the last time. i don’t even know what i’m saying but i just keep talking the entire train ride, and she probably didn’t know how carefully my peripheral vision was counting down each stop until freedom but i was.

and the worst part was that right before my stop (i got off before her), someone FARTED and our entire section started to smell and we don’t know each other well enough to acknowledge things like farts together so i just had to keep talking through the stench and then it was time to get off and i wished her well and ran off into the clear, calm, odorless night.

yes. everything is this big a deal in my life.

so i’m supposed to be writing an article for the south asian community newsletter to inspire south asian youth.

and meanwhile, my parents are watching a bollywood movie in the background.

so far, despite my lack of comprehension of hindi, i have heard the husband and the wife fight (in the movie), the daughter and the mother fight, and son and the mother fight, the son and the father fight, and just for consistency, the husband and wife were just screaming at each other again and the wife is bawling and the husband is yelling “shut up shut up shut up!”

ahhhh the joys of biculturalism. plenty of inspiration for my article anyway.

drama drama drama

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  1. dink says:

    Happy New Year, Aparna!You seem to be drawn to characters that creep me out hahahhaaThe Teletubbies are totally spooky and the sock monkey is one of my biggest fears. 😉

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