Bruised Egos and Karma

a writer i work with is friends with jack abramoff [who, in case you do not read the news, is a lobbyist “who spawned a congressional corruption scandal” and just pleaded guilty on charges of conspiracy, mail fraud and tax evasion]!!! and just told the other interns and i some juicy details right now like how abramoff has a little torah in his house, and, in other words, is a mildly practicing Jew. oh mylanta!

poor jackie a!

today morning in yoga class, we had a male instructor sub in for our usual cute-as-a-baby-penguin female instructor. this guy was cah-RAZY. he didn’t smile at all except at one out of three of his own “jokes” (his rendition of a “joke”: heh. the mat slipped a little. heh.) he had tattoos all over his arms and was totally ripped, and looked maybe 24 or 25. he only stared straight forward throughout the majority of class. he kept telling us we were doing great WITHOUT smiling. and then he shook everyone’s hand after class. EXCEPT MINE. because i ran away. and he saw me. his eagle eyes saw me run away. i’m afraid i just created some bad karma for myself. there are several things i hold sacred in life. one of these things is the yoga instructor. what was i thinking?!


some hooligan has defaced my computer at work. there are scratchings on my screen reminiscent of the stigmata. they definitely were not there when i left work rather late last night. i fear this might have to do with the yoga incident cited above.

maybe i’ll start referring to all my anecdotes like in court cases where they cite precedents. this is similar to the case of aparna v. eggo waffle (1994). you didn’t read it? do your HOMEWORK, recruit!

finally. there is no real finally. just this:

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