What? No Laugh Track?

so i flaked out. on my evening. i had plans. but down the tuba-a-looba-loo they went like a tooth down the drain (i watched in morbid fascination as my not-so-hard effort was squelched away).

and i’m still up. so much for staying in.

i woke up at 11:30am. puttered to the kitchen. ate pancakes. and then when my parents went out to run errands, i puttered back up to bed. went to sleep from 3pm-8pm (during which my parents came home, got ready for a party, and left). woke up. made my flake-out calls. lay back down for a smidgeon.

then i literally sat up in bed and sighed. changed into my gym clothes and ran around my living room table for awhile out of sheer boredom while watching “Vanilla Sky,” which was playing on Bravo and occasionally switching to the U.S. Figure Skating Championships watching teenagers twirly whirly up into the air their life dreams.

which made me feel the feeling of transience i had been feeling all day even more intensely. funny how that goes.

then i took a shower in which i made delighted baby faces at the shower head (call it a mid-youth crisis) during which point my parents returned home. and we argued over who got the living room TV. srsly. i kid you not. i’m like depressed over the state of my life. and my parents come home still slightly redcheeked from partying in the bluster to argue for TV possession.

well i put my foot down on that one. i refused adamantly and we bickered a little. then my mother stomped up to bed and my father went down to the basement where he watched his movie on the other TV and turned the volume up so loud, the entire house was shaking.

sometimes, you just gotta take a stand. even if it means the kids are going to be little brats about it.

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