Hunter v. Hunted

i will not act on my obsessive-compulsiveness. i will not act on my
obsessive-compulsiveness. i will not act on my obsessive compulsiveness.

i realized roughly ten years ago. i have stalkerlike tendencies, harmless though they may be, which are usually perceived as unhealthy. and unattractive in our modern-day society (shakespearean times were more forgiving). and despite my open-mindedness, the world is not as forgiving. i just have an overwhelming curiosity for other people.

i learned this, through watching the interactions of this girl (a student in boston) who hooked up with one of my coworkers on new year’s in nyc, who has sent him at least one lengthy email a day plus at least 3 IMs. and i realize how sad she’s now become in his eyes. he’s considering blocking her on instant messenger, which is clearly the epitome of loss of respect for someone, at least, it was in 10th grade.

anyway, so i’m reforming my tendencies despite the easy and thoroughly tempting opportunity to ring someone’s digits or drop someone a note even if the note is just one word and a hehe. i’m going to be good and range on the side of caution.

of course, this will probably last through today. and possibly
tomorrow morning before i wake up. and then, that will be it. back to my old ways.

you can take the stalker out of the game but you can’t take the game out of the stalker.

and who knows. like the lottery. i might eventually win. or solve a
crime. whichever comes first. people got secrets, yo.

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