Is Commuting the next Extreme Sport?

so i was lying in bed this morning staring at the ceiling having a serious discussion with myself about whether to go into work or not. i have been working 8+ hour days, monday thru friday so far, even though as an unpaid intern, technically, that’s illegal. but you know, i make myself of use, sometimes.

anyway. so i was heavy breathing this morning (massive mucus to respiratory system ratio), staring at the ceiling, and eventually i rolled out of bed and landed on the floor. still could not picture myself doing everything necessary to end up at work. thought about it some more. lay on the floor in a fetal position for awhile. closed my eyes. reopened them. stared at ceiling some more. listened to my unattractive breathing. it seemed, moments later, i know not how, i’m on the subway, going to work.

i have this new game on the subway where i don’t hold onto any of the rails or lean against anything, and i just balance myself in the middle of the car. today i almost fell 3 times. down from my previous 5. i’m getting better. it’s almost like surfing/snowboarding. hey. i get my thrills where i can. and today everyone else was sitting so i could flail around to my heart’s content. it’s especially exciting when you get a new driver who has no idea how to operate the train.

yup it’s pretty much this blurry when i ride it.

another highlight of the subway this morning was this business man typing on his blackberry but he had really fat fingers. so he kept hitting two letter buttons instead of one so he had to keep deleting. he was concentrating SO hard. PLUS he was sitting down. i was balancing in the middle of the aisle, using proper subriding (new term) technique, knees bent, butt out, typing a text msg, while blowing my nose and occasionally glancing at the newspaper. it was pure synergy (i hate this word and i use it sardonically).

then when i got to work, i got into an elevator full of heavy breathers who somehow could not sustain a conversation with a female amongst them. however, i heavy breathed right along with them. perhaps, that’s what freaked them out into silence.

stay tuned for more mellow drama.

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