Cubicle Culture

the construction work continues next to the cubicle. today’s musical guests: man singing spanish love songs; man hacking up ball of emphysema.
also featuring: fellow intern talking to his girlfriend on his cellular. and then interrogating me with questions like “are you blogging?” pshaaaawww.

hahahahhhh. everyone who works near me, who is not a construction worker (all the construction workers do is twist and shout and sing and let us clear our throats eheh eHUNNNNGHHHHACKHACKmylungjustfellonthefloor), well, all they talk about is sports. and i’m pretty convinced they talk about it because it’s the one thing they know will not include me. i can go head to head with them on wit, current affairs (of both the worldly and the celebrity kind), social trivialities and punditry, office jabber (i can bs this one), and/or academics (i can bs this one into the ground. i talk around it instead of about it).

but sports, i am a solid ZERO. especially when i hear the word “fantasy league.” it sounds like some horrific hybrid (thank you bushie) of role playing games and sports. and neither exactly steams my espresso, if you catch my analogous drift. so when one says, “did you hear mr. bojangles just got traded to team cheerios?” and the other then says, “yeah. it’s just insane.” and he actually sounds like he believes it was a mentally unstable choice. well here’s what i do then. i give the situation context. i imagine mr. bojangles used to bake cookies for his old team. and THEN why the frickle would they let him go? team cheerios doesn’t even do cookies. it really is pure madness.

my fantasy league would involve grimace

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