Stupid Happy

a. i like the name sam. just hearing it makes me happy. this appreciation started at the ripe old age of 4. and scurried forth into middle school, toddled through high school, and held fast in college. the name never fails to make me smile. and all those named sam i’ve ever known have never proven unworthy of at least a wink and a nod. at most, a heavy hearty infatuated sigh. in fact, some of them were just characters i made up in my stories, and still, they proved amazing. one day the tower of samuelantha may crumble. but for now, it prospers.

ah woi, if only

b. today the interns are proving how stupid we are. we were given a simple task. none of us can figure it out. and we communicate our incompetency through periodic (maybe 4 emails per hour?) communication with our superiors. luckily, i brought some brownies i made to work today so the powers that be might not consider us completely useless. unfortunately, the other intern ate 75% of the brownies. anyway, since we have been muddling all morning, i sent the other intern to lunch so i could update my blog. priorities, people, this is what i’m talking about.

c. one of my superb friendlings gifted me a watch when we were having sum dim yesterday (some dim sum is just repetitive). it’s the most fantastical watch i’ve ever received. and the second of its kind that i own. the watch is silver metal with tinges of neon green in the crevices. the face is a big smiley face cover that when opened reveals a smiley face clock on the inside with a tiny smiley face on top of that. it the most uplifting thing i have ever seen. a rival present i received awhile back is from another pair who know me all two well. my creators. they got me a smiley face metal watch. with a watch chain made up of individual smiley faces linked together. the overall best quality of both of these happy passage of time markers. neither of them work. batteries be relegated to the cranks and grouches. what time is it? time to be jolly. excessively intolerably so!

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