Ipod? Um, I broke.

so i adopted a soldier in iraq to send things to and stuff. like little notes and care packages. might as well put my obsessive need to correspondence to good use. and i just got my assignment. i’m not naming names or nothing but on his list of things he wants is an Ipod. um, he is going to be so fucking pissed when he finds out he got paired with a brokeass ninny like me. well, i guess i have even more reason to start saving up now. i have mouths to feed! with digital music!

the cool kids who will never let me hang with them

hot damn.

watch this and thank me later.

or just go here to listen and watch simultaneously (the song is “your mama”), http://www.myspace.com/kennedy

One thought on “Ipod? Um, I broke.

  1. C says:

    aparna, your random musings get me through the day. i’m glad you can pass on our love of kennedy to the masses. i think we should write him a fan letter.

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