What Would You Not Recommend?

so today i went to dim sum with a new acquaintance, and i learned about the whims of the restaurant industry. the waitress de-recommended something to us. we had just placed our order, which included “bean curd skin with thousand year egg.” listen to that name. it’s absolutely exhilarating. she came back to our table and yelled at us incoherently in chinese-addled english. we looked at each other and shrugged nonchalantly. she left. we continued polishing our chopsticks so as to prevent choking on splinters (what could be worse?). she came back, this time with our hands-on menu and pointed to where we had circled “bean curd skin with thousand year egg.” and then, she made the throw up face. now, the throw up face is universal. we immediately caught on to her jive. we changed that portion of our order. i had no idea such an incident could happen. as i told my companion, perhaps, the thousand year egg is not in season. a year overripe? in any case, the waitress playing antifavorites with her own menu was more than enough to satiate my perpetual appetite for the absurd.

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