You Are The Weakest Guest, Goodbye!

i never actually did this when i was little, but i sure wouldn’t mind doing it now. i want to have a tea party. and instead of having stuffed animals as my guests, i want to have people. but since it’s my tea party, i get to make the rules. i get to decide who eats what. and who is full when. and who wants more tea. i get to comment on the stylishness of your hat. i get to kick people out. and most importantly, i get to decide if i will reinvite you to the next one. ok? lovely. it’s a date. oh bother. i like people. i really do. sometimes they are just so impossible though. you feel like bopping them on the head, and yelling “shaddup and drink your tea!” fudgesticks. i am going to be one terrible mother.

i expressed interest in one job. that’s one giant step towards a partial income.

One thought on “You Are The Weakest Guest, Goodbye!

  1. dink says:

    I have tea parties all the time …if you have to bop someone, well… a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.P.S. I think you’ll make a fabulous mother 😉

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