This Blog Contains Some Serious FUD

i can’t stop using acronyms and abbrevs (u no, like, abbreviations). here are some new acs that are ripe for the spreading (that sounds like an STD, but i mean it with only the cleanest of intentions), courtesy of

AWGTHTGTTSA — Are We Going To Have To Go Through This Sh** Again
BHAG — Big Hairy Audacious Goal
FUD — Fear, Uncertainty, and Disinformation
SOHF — Sense Of Humor Failure
YDKM — You Don’t Know Me

and for the ultimate passive-aggressive bitchslap:
YYSSW — Yeah Yeah Sure Sure Whatever

so i went to this freelance writers’ meeting for this new DC-area singles paper. i’m writing something ASAIGMMAT*. because they’ll take it. that’s the beauty of a launch operation. if you come with a breadbasket, they’ll take it. and they’ll thank you for it. they’ll thank you for the free bread. in any case, the balding and smoky-smelling wide-eyed head of operations jumped on the coffee tables when he was talking about his vision. his vision of cosmopolitan singles. he didn’t want us to write the same old bullshit. that’s what he said. exactly and precisely. and he gave us incentive. a free personals ad. in his little baby. AND AND AND a chance to review some future dates. that’s right. REVIEW dates with professionals, out and looking. i gave this one…two white collars up.

*as soon as i get my mothercrappin’ act together, i.e., tonight

look at this, and be inspired in anything:

2 thoughts on “This Blog Contains Some Serious FUD

  1. Ron says:

    sweet deal. make sure you have an extra basket of fruit to go with the bread. people like fruit baskets.speaking of gifts don’t forget your package for your overseas adoption. she probably will do without the fruit basket, however.

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