Living the Dream

alright. so i spent the entire morning editorial meeting trying to draw a man’s head. he was sitting far enough away that i thought i could literally just transcribe his head shape onto my notebook but it wasn’t happening. the best end result looked like a thumb with facial features. blast. what happened during the meeting? i couldn’t tell you. i have gotten to such an advanced stage in my bullshitting capacities that when the meeting head said, “and aparna, what are you working on?” without missing a beat, i jabbered out something official-sounding. and then resumed adding hair to the giant thumb on my page.

then my fellow intern just exploded his coffee in a brown shower over both of our computers. his was hit the worst. there is still frap juice dripping out of his keyboard. still. i’m serious. as we speak. plus he had valentine’s day with his girlfriend yesterday because she was out of town for actual valentine’s day. and he said it went terribly, horribly, very badly. he wouldn’t even talk about it. i murmured, “high maintenance?” “you have no idea,” he sputtered. and to think, he spent all yesterday cutting out love coupons to do her favors.

on an up note, we have decided, three interns and one temp, to go to hooter’s for lunch. and all have beers. to improve our collective mood. the day can only go up from here.

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