A Robot Has More Finesse Than I

this post is my 100th one. feel free to virtually slap me on the back and all that.

today, the air was that fresh air you get right after a rain so as i was walking to work, i took a deep breath to connect with nature. boy was that a sad mistake. the following odor can best be described as sticking your nostrils directly in someone’s anus and inhaling deeply right before an impending onslaught of diarrhea. yeah i had to go there. if you’re disgusted, you are experiencing a smidgeon of how i felt this morning.

also on the subway this morning i practiced the robot while looking in the windows. i didn’t even care who was watching. i need to be prepared to do the robot at all times. this was also while in subriding mode (you know, no-hands style). OBVI you need both your hands to do the robot properly.

this robot is doing the human

finally. well. i cannot stop ogling men. i stare and stare and stare until i get some kind of, any kind of reaction. even a flinch. in fact, a flinch is as good as any check plus in my book.

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