Homeless Attitudeful Man Strikes Again!

whoa uh oh.

so i was walking to work late. as i spent all of this morning finishing up two papers related to lust and sex. i will refer to my freelance work as papers.

i am walking on a pretty deserted street but there was this homeless man sitting in a corner near the street. under an awning off to the side. and as i’m walking towards him, a businessman is walking the other way. briskly.

and suddenly, the homeless guy yells “hold your horse, motherfucker! hold your horse! you’ll fucking get there. i saaaaaid, hold your horse, motherfucker!” it all came out in one long stream of diatribe. he sounded extremely cantankerous and belligerent. so as i approached him, i tried to walk by extra fast.

but no dice. i got this: “hey, little babe. why don’t you come over here and sit in my lap and suck on some things?”

oh. that’s nice. it’s good to see i haven’t lost my game.

i did pass a secret japanese-style rock garden inside a fancy-schmancy hotel though, which reinfused me with a boost of zen. i shall go sit there one of these days until they kick me out. japanese-style rock gardens complete me.

2 thoughts on “Homeless Attitudeful Man Strikes Again!

  1. C says:

    Actually, I don’t think that was a homeless man at all. It was Chris. Sometimes when he’s drunk during the day, he has to sit down on the sidewalk to rest.

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