Only the Lonely

i was listening to LONELY DAY by system of a down and making sad faces and swaying. and then i suddenly caught my coworker staring at me with a concerned look. whoooops.

but seriously, how can you not make a pained miserable face when system of a down sings this?

“such a lonely day, and it’s mine. the most loneliest day of my life.
such a lonely day, should be banned. it’s a day that i can’t sta-a-ahhh-nd.

such a lonely day, shouldn’t exist. it’s a day that i’ll never miss.
such a lonely day, and it’s mine. the most loneliest day of my life.

and if you go, i want to go with you. and if you die, i want to die with you.
take your hand, and walk away.

such a lonely day, and it’s mine. so glaaah-aad i survived.”

check out the video and/or song at unless you think they’re shitty. i don’t. the video is just a bunch of people walking around a city by themselves going about their day and various things are on fire. it’s pretty on point.

2 thoughts on “Only the Lonely

  1. I Am Dali says:

    on point compared to… what. to your post maybe, that would be impressive, but it’s not possible.i’m kind of floored. you’re on point. or on round. i need a get down here, on the floor, and you think wow these tiles are so nice. or, wow this rug is so nice. so this is what it’s like to be the sole of a standing foot.a bare standing foot.and then you find the words to describe your situation there. so you do it. and then someone says, “Why don’t you talk like a normal person?”. lonely day.

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