Who Isn’t Judgy at an Awards Show?

today on “confessions of the guiltridden”…

does it make me a bad person if i read something someone wrote of obviously heartfelt value and start shrieking with hyena laughter?

recap: the OSCARS. with friends in high places.

we talked through most of the show. the end. unfortunately, i can’t remember much about the oscars or what we talked about. i remember mention of the words snatch, vagina, pin thin, boobs, chin tuck, ew, he’s cheating on her, and oh salma! ven aqui. Three 6 Mafia performed and it was like “whoo minorities. whoooo le hip hop. whooo le pimp.” whoo. whoo. matt dillon staring at the camera like he was seducing it creepily was my ab fav part. no wait. that was when steve carell kept blinking his drag queen lashes.
i think next year the oscars should have a rave theme. glowsticks and e and free love for all!

i love ziti.

“maybe if we judge her enough, her head will explode.”

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