Let Me Just Check That Off On My To-Die List

oh man. i hate frikking gmail. i just went on a cleaning spree and somehow ended up with only 39 messages left. unfortunately, i think that means at least 311 messages are gone forever including several job leads. IDIOT. i love blank space though. jobs will come and go, but emptiness is forever.

furthermore, i love working in news because you get to do fun things like check out who’s really old and on the verge of death, and then start preparing their obituary. yup. that’s what i’m doing today. i’m not telling who, you cretins.

oy papi. i have this devil and angel shoulder thing going on. except one shoulder is a free-love, be-one-with-how-you-are-feeling, live-in-the-moment hippie and the other shoulder is a film made in the 80s probably viewed in health class in 8th grade clearly demonstrating how our choices today have the potential to destroy our lives tomorrow. it’s a righteous sunshinefest up in this piece.

yeah powerpoint, you represent.

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