Confidence Power Protein Boost

ok i do want to toot my own horn so TOOTTOOTTOOOT.

i got selected as a columnist for this new area singles newspaper! what the flip! what the flipper?! what the oodelally?!

this is nice. i just got a totally sweet lecture yesterday about squandering my potential and being another disillusioned directioness example of generation Y-bother.

and today, the universe gives me a little solidarity pat on the head. a little tickle of his soul patch, if you will. well, thank youuuuuu. and good morning.

the weather outside is delightful. i must go frolic by my lonesome.

and furthermore, here is the beginning of a comprehensive list.


1. the milk turning green after eating lucky charms cereal. think leprechauns, you buffoons.

2. people who blink a lot, sometimes to the point of spasms. it’s for clarity. who couldn’t use more?

3. caressing pages of books and magazines. i don’t even feel the need to explain this one.

4. the smell of gasoline. it’s intoxicating.

that’s all for now.

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