I am the most grounded person I know

this is what i strive to be:

does that explain anything? at all?

well, i tried.

oh, and i would be friends with him:

3 thoughts on “I am the most grounded person I know

  1. Ron says:

    does that explain anything?sure…as i remember from super mario 2 on nintendo toad was short [’nuff said], could pick up anything with ease [men will be putty in your hands…you’re doing pretty well so far] and toad couldn’t jump very high [i’ll let you think about that one]…

  2. dink says:

    Sure…I get it. You strive to be Poppin’ Fresh Aladdin with a dice hat and you love Grover. I love Grover too, I’ll just go along with the Poppin’ Fresh thing.

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