Quite Smi’en

yes, it’s been conclusively proved. i will, and am about to, drop everything and run for a british accent. this kid could have a potato for a head and i could care less as long as said potato has a mouth. he said it’s “fuckin’ rubbish” that i’m not where he is right now. um, where is my transporter beam when i need it?

3 thoughts on “Quite Smi’en

  1. Ron says:

    it’s too bad i lost my accent about 10 years ago! not htat it counts for anything but i still visit my family there every other year and i do have some friends i should be visiting sometime soon [hopefully next year]it’s so funny because everytime i go back i take on the mannerisms and colloquialsms right away…also by virtue of the language there are a few words that i still pronounce different from the tradition american way…the easiest examples are the words “umbrella” and “new hampshire”..i feel soooo uncomfortable not saying “shire”…speaking of which i can’t even SAY worchestershire.

  2. Aparna says:

    bramerton — i’m not trying to attract the british. i merely swoon at their words. and not too loud?! well, goodness. so many requirements. i’ll stick to always being a groupie, never a bride. ron — any remnants are worth more than no remnants. yes. tis troo.

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