ISO a Recipe for BFF, Serves 4?

i sat next to these girls on the subway today. and i really wanted them to be my friends. they had such an amazing dynamic. there were three of them. and the aparna makes 4, vun-too-thvee-forrrrr vunderful friends!

when they told jokes, i laughed too. when they made eyes at each other (of the roly-poly variety), i joined in too. when they looked at me to see who the hell i thought i was, i looked away casually. i was totally on the same page, dawgz.

it’s hard to meet friends in the real world. not impossible hard. but a certain chain-of-events has to occur. the initial hit-it-off followed by the hang-out. followed by the other party initiating a hang-out. followed by the mutual-exchange-of-troubling-secrets in order to seal the bond of ETERNAL FRIENDS 4eva. or at least, the bond of “if you cross me, i will shit all over your facebook/friendster/myspace wall with your coveted information.”

when they all strolled off to work together, i sighed heavily and continued onwards alone. who will be the miranda to my carrie? the samantha to my charlotte? the bert to my ernie? the broom hilda to my garfield? the ren to my stimpy? the ziploc to my old cold cuts? ok. i’m pulling damage control on this analogy. system shutdown.

2 thoughts on “ISO a Recipe for BFF, Serves 4?

  1. C says:

    I’M YOUR FRIEND! YAYYYYYYat least, i think you know enough bad stuff about me to qualify. but there’s more, much much more.

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