Red Card, Period. Time Out.

ok. sometimes my period tells me to say and do things that feel, how do i put this eloquently, ah ok, really really right at the time. but then i, with some strange higher power of foresight, am aware that opening pandora’s box due to shed unfertilized eggs is probably not the best way to go. in fact, it can often lead to feelings of loss, regret, and general emotional instability.

and so this round of battle, i win. but i probably won’t win the war. be forewarned. because at some point, each member of the female species must turn to herself and say, “do i really give a crap as to the implications of this verbal throatslash?”

and i think we all know the answer to that one. in the heat of the menstrual flow, no one is immune. i am disposing of potential life this week, and you’re included, buddy. muhahahahaahaahaaaa, *throws head back again and again*, ha, ahem, ha, ahem, haaaa. *coughcough* ha. *squeak* heh. *resume semblance of normalcy.*

other victims of the female punctuation mark of doom

2 thoughts on “Red Card, Period. Time Out.

  1. dink says:

    Wow …your period tells you to say and do stuff? Wow again. I guess from your description, I’m lucky. Seems I escaped the “punctuation mark of doom”Hope you make it through without being charged with anything. 😉

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