Straight Up DeMentia

well. here’s the thing. i have this school blog type thing. and i can’t really post on it even though i usually post on there and here about equally, but now, i’m having personal issues because my ex reads it. and i told him to stop but he will not stop. so then i read his whenever he reads mine (because you can tell) and then a giant shower of emotional shit and literal baggage rains out of the sky and falls on my head. especially when he writes about hook ups and dating (even though i write about the same thing. yeah i’m a hypocrite. who isn’t?). and it’s my fault. it’s always my fault. i seem to have an intense and problematic history with straight men. as in, i can’t be friends with any of them. any of them. and don’t even get me started on more than friends. haaaaaa. that’s a good one. do you want a side of irrational hysteria with that order?

straight men turn me into this raging, erratic, psychotic person. and that is not my nature. i mean, i hope it’s not my nature. but apparently, there’s a hidden harpy shrew in me just waiting to come out and wrestle a good shrink. so. i think instead of continually being called unreasonable and emotional, i’m taking a break from the straight menz. as friends, as more then friends. peace out, brothas. i’m sticking to small talk with my coworkers, and that’s a wrap. good thing periods only last a week.

2 thoughts on “Straight Up DeMentia

  1. Ron says:

    have fun with that whole “queer guys only” thing! i’m gonna go find some other insanely-humerous-yet-humerously-insane attractive [i can tell] indian girl to talk to…yea that’s the ticket…good luck coping without me [that’ll take all of 5 seconds to get over].

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