Your Regularly Scheduled Program Has Been Interrupted for this Mellow Update

wow. rejection is a biotch, man.

i’m still occasionally experiencing moodswings from the most recent one.

and then i got a nice dollop of repeat bombed comedy last night. seriously, there wasn’t a single laugh in the house. from 0 to negative in self-esteem, ladies and gentlemen.

and yet, i’m feeling pretty peachy keen today with a penchant for sudden sobs.

i’m the kind of person who doubts success and revels in failure.

people lose all their expectations of you.

it’s great for the perfectionists among us.

nowhere to go but up

and my adopted soldier apparently already got an Ipod elsewhere. fricking fantastic.

3 thoughts on “Your Regularly Scheduled Program Has Been Interrupted for this Mellow Update

  1. dink says:

    Man, you are just NOT having fun lately …sorry kiddo. I know it feels like sh*t to bomb but every comedian I’ve ever heard talk about their career has done it (and PLENTY). It’s clearly not a question of BEING funny, all of us who read you here know you’re funny… so it’s probably something you can fix (delivery? energy? timing?) Anywhoo, I wish you nothing but luck with it.Hang in there –If I was where you are, I’d invite you out for a green beer (or several).dink

  2. Ron says:

    “If I was where you are, i’d invite you out for a green beer”Sounds like a plan. But unfortunately the Luck of the Irish isn’t with me…Aparna’s voicemail said no thanks.Anywho, I agree it’s not a question of being funny or delivery or energy or timing. [She’s got it all], it’s just one of those “hump weeks”…all she needs to do is get over it and keep on rolling. Like a stone.Remember [Aparna], us guys are a dime a dozen but dames likes you just aren’t for sale…you’re like all those “for display only” items [it’s obviously the best one but you just can’t buy it]…so as long as you have another dime just save it for when you feel like going around the drama-rama machine…for now just get over the hump. Happy St. Patty’s!

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