Disbelief is the New Same Old, Same Old

finally, i told some jokes and there were laughs. but not quite at the parts where i expected. ah well. i’ll toast to that. or get toasted to that. a little butter for my bread would be nice though. i don’t know what the means. i just thought i’d take the bread analogy a little farther. now i’m stuck in this analogy and i can’t get out. well poo on that. i’m making an emergency exit.

ok. here’s what i wanted to talk about today, honeybears. surreality. yeah. it seems to be a common-enough theme these days. but ever had one of those experiences where things just got so weird that you started to doubt that the event actually happened? like i’m talking dream-level weirdness. you might as well have been wearing a live duck on your head and had a cherry pie instead of a butt and things could not have gotten any weirder. well, when trying to process events like the following, you always have to start at that square-one of just sort of tilting your head back, squinting up at the sky, and thinking “what the woodchips was that all about?” and then laughing so hard you start choking. just a little bit. and then you get kind of delirious with hyena laughter just at the pure ridiculousness of it. all of it, and you need to hug something to prove that you exist, that the world still exists. that not everyone is going to slide off into some other parallel but sometimes diagonal dimension. but the closest thing is a door. so you hug a door. and it seems a fitting conclusion really to everything that already happened.

people are something else. you see them eat their kibbles and drink their tea just like you but you can never tell what moves them or how they’ll be to anyone other than you. because you see it. but more or less, you interpret based on your own interactions and that’s the only roadmap you ever have worth following.

2 thoughts on “Disbelief is the New Same Old, Same Old

  1. Ron says:

    sage advise from toucan sam — “follow your nose!”aparna again with the whole hinting-at-something-but-not-being-specfic thing. leaves us all in a haze of confusion…but anyway what you’re talking about pretty much describes my life, my world. i just always assume something nutty is going to happen and i’m never surprised by what happens. also people always have their own plans in mind and it’s generally impossible to ever believe in sincerity…remember, if you wanna talk i’m always up for some chatter…i’m open 24/7…

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