Audience Participation

stupid questions i plan to ask when i go out tonight and tomorrow night, a cumulative list (please make a donation to the NUTTSACC* fund):

– what if we were all robots?
– kfc v. mister rogers. discuss. i mean, would you rather be with the colonel or the rog on a deserted island?
– would you pee on your mother for $100 dollars? i mean, just on her toe “BY ACCIDENT”?
– what is your holy book of choice (doesn’t need to be related to religion)?
– live, learn, get luvs. yea or nay?
– would you wear adult diapers for a week if dared to do so?
– what was the last thing you ate?
– have i met you somewhere before? was it in my pants?
– love at first sight with inanimate objects. comment.
– what is your favorite away msg? why are you lame?
– would you go to finishing school if given a scholarship?
– who is the person you’d be most likely to marry if people weren’t so judgy? (if the person tries to hit on you when answering this question, immediately pee on them.)
– do you prefer frozen or fresh peas?
– what cuisine causes your poop to smell the most?
– if you could be any piece of furniture, what would you be and why?
– if you were a tab of LSD, who would you want to get a trip off of you? a good trip or a bad trip? please describe.

OK THE FLOOR IS OPEN. i will tell you the answers i get on monday IF YOU SUBMIT A QUESTION TO ME.

*nurturing unexpected togetherness through stopping aggravating crappy conversations

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