I Need to Hire Some New Writers

wow. you know how sitcoms have parallel themes where there are two or more running plotlines interwoven in one given episode but they all sort of circumnavigate the same key issue? yeah. i’m not explaining well, am i? like on full house there would be an episode about stephanie being afraid to wear her new glasses but then uncle jesse will also be EXTRA self-conscious of his hair in that episode…bing bing bing…so the main theme is getting over appearance.

yesterday night was totally like that. i was all wrapped up in how someone could have possibly behaved the way he/she did and been ok with it. and then i reflected on a few of my own actions throughout the evening and i had to ask myself the same question.

hmmm. yeah, i’ll let you guys find the humor in that one. for now, i’m still shaking my head.

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