Dolls and Guys

man. i work with some music snobs. they just all got FAUX-excited because the new googoo dolls cd came in the mail. now i don’t know what’s what…well, most of the time…but googoo dolls got me through many a trying night in middle/early high school. so back off. incidentally, their new cd is called, “let love in.” i didn’t fail to point that out to our music snobs. their smirks only grew in size.

i want a boy! and the main reason is so i can buy him some cologne. and brush his hair from his face. ah well. for now, i give out freebies. cologne and hair brushings for all! you can tell who needs what.
oh of course i’ll brush your hair out of your face, male model.

coming soon: summer.

also i forgot. this morning, i passed this guy with both his hands down his pants. he was just walking down the street casually. there was no need to indicate to him what he was doing. there is no way to subtly indicate something that is clearly a matter of sheer will. if we could only all be that comfortable with ourselves.

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