Feed a Cold

wow! my cold/sore throat/malaise lasted just over 24 hours…i mean, there are a few lingering traces. but i’m smitten with this kind of sickness. it’s like i had a small fling with this virus. in and out of the system in a day. and nothing left but a slightly disgusted memory and a shrug.

a furry piece of phlegm


this was my lunch today — annie chun’s teriyaki noodle bowl.

i showed my coworker because he always brings lean cuisine to work and calls it a “flavor adventure.” and he said “definitely not a flavor adventure. but annie chun is kinda hot.”

and i said “ohhh man. i can’t believe you said that.”

then i prepared my noodle bowl and brought it back to my work station. and it smelled delicious and the aroma wafted into my coworker’s nostrils, and he proclaimed:

“you’re making me hungry. i’ll eat some of that if you don’t want all of it.”

and i said, “man. you’d take sloppy seconds from annie chun?”

now that’s a flavor adventure.

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