I’m Angry but Too Lazy to Do Anything About It

i think, due to the fact, that i was teased as a child for always doing my homework and being a nerd, that i now scorn people who work hard and are extremely conscientious. sad, really. but whenever i see a fellow slacker, i feel a kindred warmth, the likes of which i am hard pressed to find among the OTHER kind of people. yes, i am aware the world would stop functioning if only my kind existed. but the thing about slackers? yeah. we don’t really care. not big on caring. caring? bottom of the to-do list right after reorganize sock drawer. oh also did you guys check out how i totally blamed OTHER people for the way i am (at the top, first sentence)? yeah. that was totally intentional.

when the censors scramble motherfucker in a rap song, it comes out mufferthucker, and it sounds hella angrier than the real word. because it sounds like someone who is so mad they can’t even get the word out right. and by someone, i mean eminem.

3 thoughts on “I’m Angry but Too Lazy to Do Anything About It

  1. business voodoo says:

    i was just so glad to find someone else who hates to use ‘proper’ capitalization and use UPPER CASE only when we feel like it!!!!!! keep up the good work!with great fondness from an elder sister in the slacker nation.peace & harmony,elaine‘freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!’

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