I Could Use a Handout

oh MAN. i almost gave this “homeless” guy change by throwing some in his cup until i realized he was DRINKING A CUP OF COFFEE. and i’m still not sure whether he was homeless. this is why i err on the side of caution in my generosity.

i saw this card lying on the street. it read: 2006 CHRISTIAN TALENT SHOWCASE. i must admit, i was curious. but i didn’t want to get my hands all tainted. you know, with faith. ima just kidding. i don’t mind a little faith.

on another note entirely…

i don’t know what it is with me and female professionals. they don’t like me. or i don’t like them. men are a little bit more easy-going in the work world. the misanthropic writer and i got along fine. i was irreverent. he was irreverent. it was a little utopia of irreverence. i didn’t really feel like i could connect on that level with any other women at my old workplace. women. i don’t know, man. i feel like the majority of women (with a few outstanding exceptions) always feel like they have something to prove. i don’t want to be a catty mcgee. but i’m a little skurred. luckily at this rate i’m not advancing beyond entry-level so the only people i’ll be the boss of is me.


2 thoughts on “I Could Use a Handout

  1. C says:

    yeah, i mean, i’m not a “professional” nor do i have something to prove, so i guess we are free to robot-dance to ace of base at will.

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