Almost Sorta Kinda Famous

so today i performed a dance downtown at the cherry blossom festival for oodles of tourists, families with babies, conglomerations of fairweather friends (because it was nice today) and the everpresent “still in the honeymoon phase” couples. it was a bollywood-type dance. with full-out costumes and glitz. so a bunch of us girls were walking around like south asian barbies in our chintzy outfits trying to blend in or whatnot. well. that wasn’t happening so much. and by so much, i mean, at all. every few feet we walked we were asked to pose for a photograph. it was nice to get the VIP celeb treatment for about 5 minutes but then you were semi-disturbed that the man with the heavy accent and wandering eyes was taking his 5th photograph with your crew. uhhhh. actually, everyone wanted a photo with us. old ladies, girlfriends, kids, sketchy men. it was a regular free-for-all snap it while it was hot.

caution: a dress like this might cause pseudofame.

seeing as how we’re now each on 50+ random cameras galloping around the universe, we’re hoping if we’re lucky we’ll end up on one of those websites for YOUNG HOT ASIAN CHIX…i jest.

i am the one not looking at the camera. eesh.

speaking of bad protocol, as my mother and i were crossing the street downtown, this tourbus with “SCENIC TOURS” emblazoned on the side rolled past us. it had tinted windows but not tinted enough for me not to see a whole group of 13 years old boys on the bus jeering at us as they held up a piece of paper to the window that just read “PENIS.” luckily my mother didn’t notice. i remember that game from middle school though. amateurs. when the boys i knew played it, you had to yell the word…not just write it down.

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