Redo the ‘Do

panda pedestrians

so twice already today i’ve crossed the street without checking for traffic. now unlike some of youze, i do consider this an unnecessary health risk and very real problem as the street i’ve been doing this on is notorious for red light runners. while my nonchalance could be attributed to mere thoughtlessness, the root cause goes a little bit deeper than that.

with the changing of the seasons (finally), comes the desire for change in oneself, or at the very least, something new. and i think what all this restlessness in the form of risky behavior adds up to, in the grander scheme of things, is that i need to get some new highlights up in this mothertangled hair piece of mine. for the love of carrie bradshaw, you can see my roots via remote satellite right now. a new campaign perhaps: get your highlights redone, save your life.

well, though i was feeling iffy about the state of my hair, i did get a nice hearty flirtation from the guy who took my order for a burrito bowl at lunchtime.

first he just leaned over the register until we were pretty much face to face and he didn’t even ask what i wanted. he just looked deep into my eyes with a soulful puppy dog look and slightly parted his lips. that was my cue to speak. and as i did, he started smiling, continuing the intense eye contact, and as i kept talking, his smile grew wider and wider until i thought his face would burst at the seams.

then i suddenly noticed something. his pinky finger, on the hand that was clutching the register as he leaned over; it was painted a deep shade of purply blue and the nail was pointy and manicured. now the unclipped pinky fingernail reminds me of a couple of things. 1) drug dealers. and 2) nose pickers. so that kind of ruined the moment. but all in all, nothing more healthy than a little early afternoon coquetry.

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  1. Ashley says:

    yeah, I would step away from the painted nail used for cocaine as well. But sometimes the flirting makes you feel special 🙂A pretty tan person like you should visit Sweden (or a place with a lot of white, blonde people) and there will be TONS of flirting.I discovered that my whiteness was admired in Turkey.

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