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welcome to the crazy world of people who post comments on internet forums:

in response to illegal immigration —

“The prime consideration with regard to the question of illegal immigration is that the immigrants espouse the same value systems that caused their home nations to fail. The real issue is not racism; people are people. The real issue is that a nation is made or broken by the values embraced by its citizens.”

really? because i think you’re just absolutely bonkers.

1b. “There have arisen people in my government that have heedfully indebted towards worldly concerns. If they could hear the people of my United States, their inner conjectural cries, they would mourn they would retaliate and have hope. Our copulations are disrupted by socialism. America does have a good heart. Let not God intervene with it. Peace be to our nation that exists right now. But we will need a break, likened to a staleness over much needed jam.

The ages of a judge is swift to besiege US. Socialism should have its limits as, someone once said, the whole world is a Savior. We love our groins when we should encompass upon shaking hands. Participate, yes, but not people. What we, as I hope, Americans lay dear -our daughter & mother of pearl- is shamed within black and golden borders. Weve adopted Blues! Whats next is our heart, guiltily criticized and unrepaired, going South and alleiviating torture. I am not a king though, for your upbringing and your honor. What do you have to offer: a tear of a woman, a fear. Luckily, and of honor, some respect faith. This is what I learned of one, the only one, my Mexican Queen.

But love is not enough. The Story: “I love her, I love her,” weve whispered and gestured – knowing me-adoring ti. Unlawfully? I cannot think so when we consider the immigration issue. We differ in strengths. Like the up-down sun and sideways moon. I dont want neither of our stories to be lost, but I told her once: my foundation, I feel, had here been the mantle. I cannot support a cause extended like that.

When my friend Jacob tells me to hit the button, I can relate to his understanding of the loop that grips nations. In the balance, we have the chance to revolutionize the country. But, offhandedly, the peace must be two: inner and outer nation, or the lesser and greater. TRUST ISSUES

The clearity of our perceptions will prove parallel to the speediness to perform some sort of policy, if not action. The sun will rise tomorrow bet your bottom dollar, in the litter box of America, and who recognizes?

Please, please this is a fight of the people, certain It aly is, because ideals differ. POLITICIANS, the birth of our nation, do something to the practice of social overhauls. Jesus is a government, one that examines. Aint I a citizen existing in the Valley right now forgotten. Bligerits.

I read my blues.”

um. yeah. i don’t know. this sounded evangelical. i leave it to you, the discriminating consumer to make something of it.

in response to a story about a terminal cancer patient (note that the letter is addressed to the patient who passed away in the story) —

“Dear [Mr. Person], Im sorry to hear about your illness.I like to share my idea with you.I believe most cancer is caused by the astronomical calculations when the centralization shifts from its origin to another point adding a bigger range to the calculations creating more unknowns. This is very abstract I dont expet you to follow.
it requires 100 pages of explanations. But the solution Which I recommend it helps remodeling the genetic disorder by putting the axis of equlibrium back to where it should be.Its all in the direction from complexity to simplicity and not vice versa.It deals with the relationship of mass and energy and its management control in the body. Drugs are premetive next to how the body itself can produce the right chemical for the specific body.1st you have the cure,2nd your sprit is your real food,3rd follow this diet.It takes 40 days to set the initialization after you started the diet.Alcohol and chemicals other than food creat a direct connection between parts of the brain which are illegal.Those parts are connected through many complex structures which act as filters and naturally do not permit direct connections.No alcohol, no chemicals, no red meat no chicken no pork no dog pet and fasting every other day from 4:45am to 7:00pm no food or drink.As the body during the fasting changes the mass into energy in only that direction it creates an organized enviornment correcting the bodys growth. Its main source is way beyond DNAs structure.Good luck, The solutions are in the sky where heaven is located.”

um, at this point, i don’t consider it a far stretch of the imagination to say the Internet may have spawned some members of mankind who, though appearing perfectly normal on the outside, are absolutely operating on distinct planes from the rest of us. perhaps, on planes closer to “the sky where heaven is located.” their mental frequent flyer miles are, at this point, through the roof.

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