Slime, High Drama and Other Delicacies

here take these nibbles…

– okra is one of the greatest vegetables i have ever had the pleasure of cooking with BECAUSE once you start cooking it, each little piece starts emitting this sappy slime until the entire concoction is slathered in a web of veggie saliva. and it all looks like some kind of mutant spawn. it’s sooo 3rd grade science experiment meets Alien. unbelievable B-list entertainment for the kitchen and delicious, not in a grand way but in a “i’m slimy but i’m actually tasty” way.

nummy nummy okra a la slime.

– today while i was on a small trot through the neighborhood, i finally achieved my goal of stumbling upon a bevy of high school potsmokers. i timed it so that i would go for my jog after school was out and i went along a little nature path that afforded supreme views for enjoying a joint. and sure enough, i hadn’t gone far when i spotted four little bodies sitting on the side of a bridge, their legs a-swinging passing a little white joystick up and down the line.

but sharing is caring…

– my parents have taken the tv hostage to watch a never-ending bollywood movie. they’ve been watching it every night since sunday faithfully. and there is no ending in sight. as far as i can tell, people have died while fighting in the mud, ladies have cried on more than one occasion, sad violin music has played, people have danced happily betwixt all the tragedy, there have been weddings, new romances blossoming, loud slapstick comedy and the plotline “beat[s] on…borne ceaselessly back into the past.”

bollywood 4eva…literally.

dialogue from said bollywood movie:
mother to long-lost-son: i’m sorry i shot you.*
son: that’s ok. can i just put my head in your lap?
in doing so, he miraculously recovers from a direct bullet wound, and thereafter, gets married

*she didn’t recognize he was her son until after she shot him and recognized the special necklace he was wearing. how unfortunate.

3 thoughts on “Slime, High Drama and Other Delicacies

  1. Tyler Sonic says:

    Say what you want about Bollywood, but Amitabh is one badass pimp that we Americans haven’t quite equaled. ..Eh, Maybe Bruce Campbell, but he isn’t as sleazy. Yeah, I said it.

  2. Aparna says:

    Oh man, don’t get me wrong. I love me some Bollywood. Loooooove it. Lustttttt for it. I was just hating because my parents were infringing on my inalienable TV rights.

  3. Smoke says:

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