We’re All Such Children

what’s wrong? feeling emotional but no one wants to hear it? join the club.

if i have to deal with one more person who’s like “LALALALALALAAAAAA i can say whatever i want about you, but you can’t say anything back, LALALALALALAAAAAAAA,” i might have to call in the logic police.

it’s pretty unreal.

and what’s even more unreal is that was ME doing it earlier this week.

if candid people don’t have to apologize for being candid, than sensitive people shouldn’t have to apologize for being sensitive. hypocrisy! all of it! foiled by my own traps. i set out a rat trap and i checked it this morning, and i was IN IT with cheese nibbles all over my face.

hahahahahaha. the irony is too great. i might just have a meltdown. well, i learned my lesson now. people can judge you all they want, but just because they say it, doesn’t mean it’s true. self-deception is the greatest paradise. no truth parade is going to be allowed to march through my town. not while i’m still mayor. i won’t have it. the militia is geared up and ready to laughing-gas us back into illusion.

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