Wanna Fight/Talk/Make a Chart/Pout About It?

so i went to this seminar on resolving conflict here in the building. and we learned all about the four main types of ways people deal with conflict.

there are four types:

aggressive – my way or the highway! *punches hole through wall* any questions?

persuasive – my way or the highway, and let me explain why in a never-ending wordy manner. once i am done, you will be asleep, and i will have won.

introspective – let’s talk this out. my way is right, but i will be diplomatic about it. the world is stupid and i must treat it like a small child. bears its tantrums and self-absorption whilst i, the rational one, truly find a pulse on these issues.

avoidant – my way is right, but i’m not saying nothing. i’ll just be passive-aggressive later. heathens, all of you! *inner rage festers and drips hole through wall of sanity*


woohoo. though some people fit nicely into one of these nicely-illustrated categories, some people situationally shift…so don’t go all jumping down my throat about trying to box your shifty ass in or nothing.

the best part of the seminar was the lady at the end who asked a question about how to confront her coworker who talked too loudly. apparently not just to convey anger but to convey happiness, or really anything. this lady was clearly of the avoidant type because she looked so stressed out just trying to tell us about her coworker’s voice volume problemo. and then when people gave suggestions as to how she should confront this woman, she carefully noted down exactly what they said she should say. until, finally, this other lady, probably of the aggressive school of thought, goes “JUST TELL HER!!!” and a silence fell upon the room. and then the facilitator goes “very good. anyone else?” phew, nice save, lady.

you would think it ended there but no, then this other lady talked about how she has a loud-voice affliction herself, and it’s a very delicate matter that must be approached with the utmost decorum. which was an indirect “IN YOUR FACE” to the outburst lady. oh conflict. you’re such a tease.

in other news, i had a freak attack this afternoon about still not having any gainful employment since my internship ends next week. it’s weird how when you’re on the unemployed side of the fence, everything seems so far away. and then once you have a job, you start making demands and complaints like you have a birthright to these privileges. right now, i’d be happy flossing people’s teeth if it provided dental coverage. a tooth for a tooth.

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  1. Ashley says:

    what kind of job do you want to have? Something with journalism?The idea of graduating and attempting to find a job scares me to the CORE.

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