Who Knew?

every time i point out some strange physical attribute in some human being, my mother names the medical condition. apparently even slightly crooked foreheads are genetic maladies. i wish perfect features were physical anomalies too. hahaha.

yesterday i got hit on via a wrong number. someone called and asked for sophia. i told them it was a wrong number. and he said, “but wait. you sound cute. where are you?” i said, “are you serious?” and he said, “yeah i’m serious. where are you?” since he had a 201 area code (new jersey)…i was pretty certain i was in the clear…so i was like “i’m in d.c.” and he said “i have relatives in d.c., i’ll definitely be swinging by there soon. what are you doing right now?” i didn’t say anything. then he was like “you must be feeling awkward. you think this is awkward?” uhhhhh “yes this is awkward.” “ok i’ll let you go then.” “yes.” yes, i think that was for the best.

one serious bollywood hottie:

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