Awkward? Chehhhhck.

so i went to this concert last night with my friend nydia in tow. it was a great venue. all dim coffeehouse lighting and uncluttered stage. not too raised or nothing. going to see THE WEEPIES. who i fell in love with because a song of theirs was played on a WB teen drama during a critical heartwrenching scene. i was sold after that and acouple of myspace profile visits.

anyway, the weepies are adorable. they are an adorable duo. nydia and i talked to them after the show. and they are cuteness personified. one of their signatures on my cd had a little flower. and the other signature had a smiley face. but they’re not all fun and games. one of their songs is called “dating a porn star.” lalala! that’s my song. it was great. they are great. this is why i don’t write music reviews.

then, this kid named eric hutchinson went on after that. and he was totaaaallly a stand-up comedian in disguise/solo male artist. he was doing all this crowd work (when you riff and interact off of the crowd to make them love you) and it really worked. he had this really dry sense of humor. i was completely smitten by this gangly sweetvoiced guy.

and then i was all excited and went to talk to him after the show. and he kind of just stared at me. and i didn’t really know what to say. so i just said “great show” and he said “thanks!” and then he stared at me. so i said “you have great audience rapport” and he said, “thanks! i thought i was not doing as well tonight” and i was like “oh nooo, not at allllll” and then we stared at each other awkwardly some more. this is why i don’t talk to artists. i am a bad gusher. except on paper. i should have passed him a note.

in conclusion, i have to go pick up nydia’s credit card because she left her tab open last night. so i get to revisit the scene of the crime.

in more conclusion, this is why i am bad to date because i do shit like this…this was an email i wrote to a guy i went out on a date with and he appeared interested:

I assume from your lack of response in some time that there will be no second date, which is fine. I wasn’t really feeling it either. Still, this whole guy policy of saying “let’s hang out again” if you don’t mean it? It’s kind of ridiculous. You shouldn’t do it to future girls. It implies we’re too desperate to handle the truth. Which I assure you is not the case. Just my two cents.

Anyway, thanks for dinner. It was fun meeting you. Good luck.

this is also awkward

4 thoughts on “Awkward? Chehhhhck.

  1. C says:

    i’m the awkward-ness guru, as you witnessed saturday night. that singer guy is hot. we should make him our bitch.

  2. Aparna says:

    some day, little one, some day…muahahaha, today: the busstop. tomorrow: madison square garden….a historically respectable venue….riiiight.

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