So Hot Right Now

i am now an unemployed socialite…it’s fantabulous. actually i am semi-employed by none other than THE MISANTHROPIC WRITER. {cue royal trumpets}.

we went out to lunch today at this classy classy joint called VIDALIA. it was all pomp and more pomp. not even room for any circumstance because of all the pomp. i got there before he did so then i wanted to be seated before he arrived so as to gather myself appropriately and present myself in a most professional manner. this was suppressed on many levels. mainly because of all the pomp. as soon as i sat down, i was being attended to on several levels: physically, emotionally, spiritually. i guess you do get what you pay for. and i hadn’t even flashed any plastic yet. i was offered water of several varieties, a drink, appetizers, a footrub. no, not a footrub but the waiter did have a friendly podiatric glint in his eye, and probably would have said yes if i asked for one.

when i declined everything so as to wait for my dining companion, everyone nodded graciously towards me as if to say “as you wish, your highness.” i looked around me, and i was clearly out of my league. to my right, we had the business lunchers: two suits done up tippity tight and making deals, not wasting even a nano of a second. to my left, we had a little artsy party, with a frenchman talking about the best climate for their wine “ahhh zee temmmm-peeearahhh-tooooooor? eet should beee cheeelled.”

anyway, the misanthropic writer arrived in a very dapper suitcoat, that, by his own admission, was slightly too small for him. we chewed the lipids a little, and then he jumped headlong into his project for me. i am helping him edit his book proposal. just the fact that he made me feel like i have some use in the world again made me very happy. he even handed me an official folder with his proposal in it and a sample proposal from some other author lady. tra la la! i have a purpose again! so now i have a shiny silver folder and a misanthropic stamp of approval. OH and the misanthropic writer and i shared a chocolate truffle torte. we both decided one piece was too much for one man alone. it’s good to have friends who understand you.

then. i skipped around town having girl talk in high places. i even visited my old employment stomping ground. i felt so classy walking in and waving at everybody. and then i realized the latest look i was modeling: unemployed. but business above pleasure, i say. i had to debrief on two recent events surrounding some somebodies that i know. it was delicious. i wasn’t disappointed. yes, so thus far today, i have been mostly useless in the real world sense. but i have a paris hilton helluva work ethic. cheers, my loveys.

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    gossip tastes like cotton candy…and burning.check out my thoughts on baby zoo animals on the washingtizzle site.

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