The Name of the Game

well inappropriate has been the name of the game recently. i’m in a sea of it. a sea of inappropriate anemones and flounder. so many lines are being crossed, so many boundaries are no longer sacred. i’m going to go with it. go with the inappropriate?! never! go with the appearance of going along with the inappropriate? oh, for sure.
this little asian girl on the left is out of line. she represents many things to me right now.

the mc at the comedy open mike show tonight was a large black woman, and her daughter came to the show as well, sat in the front row and laughed like a hysterical chicken. and at the end, they got in a little tiff about a joke her daughter wanted to tell. so the mc walked over to her daughter to clear things up, and she tripped AND FELL ON HER. the daughter’s muffled protests could be heard throughout the room. and then the mc said “see what did i tell you about disagreeing with me?” and when her daughter continued to protest more, she commented, “do you want me to fall on you again?” i couldn’t help but think how firm a point she was making. it was a valid question.

my house is so empty. i’m having some severe parental separation anxiety. i feel like my parents dropped me at my first day of kindergarten (i.e., adult life) and left for work (i.e., China). it’s out of control. how ill-adjusted i am. i’m thinking of making a cake tomorrow and putting a pink icing heart on top of the frosting. and then crying real tears into the heart. no, i don’t know where that came from either.
the cake would be enjoyed regardless. you have my word.

i’m listening to lounge music right now though. baby steps.

swanky, no? welcome to my mind’s insides. notice how there are no people around.

coherence has been sacrificed for pure unfiltered emotion. even cigarettes come with filters. and them joints are pretty dirty for your insides.

oh. also. i got a job at the mall in retail yesterday. part-time. i’m afraid i’m getting sucked into something again. i’m already signed up for training. hmmm. this should only improve my track record with unknowingly picking up adolescent boys though.

awww he’s a brooder.

some of them are talented.

some of them are talented at brooding.

that’s enough. it’s past my evening naptime.

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